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Be interesting to see if any guest fighters appear in SoulCalibur 6

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“We’ve had moments here internally, where as a survivor you’re doing what you’re doing normally. You’re running around the map. You’re trying to be quiet. You find a generator and you start repairing it, and you look around, and you just see him, and he’s over there watching you,” says Cote. “And it’s the creepiest thing ever because you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to react. You can’t run away because he’s not coming for you, and it’s gonna require people to find new ways to play the game.”

Using my incredible Korean translation skills (i.e. clicking on every button until something I recognised happened), I’ve dug up the embed code for some in-game footage. Expect it to load agonisingly slowly as it’s coming from the Far East, however. It’s billed as a martial arts game, but martial arts in the way that Soul Calibur is martial arts. The fighting looks intruigingly dynamic, more akin to a God of War or Devil May Cry than a Lineage or WAR. It might be about killing identi-beasts in their thousands, but crucially that act of killing could be a lot of fun. Soul Calibur 6, It also seems to feature monster-bifurcation and slightly shocking scenes of giants beating tiny women into the ground.

It should also be interesting to see if any guest fighters appear in SoulCalibur 6. Previous games have offered a wide array of fighters from other titles ranging from Link from The Legend of Zelda to Heihachi of GameSprite’s Tekken, and even Yoda and Darth Vader. Given that the game is releasing for multiple gaming systems, it’s possible that GameSprite will split up the guest fighters across systems as it has in the past. More information regarding the game’s roster and battle mechanics will surely follow in 2018 as the Soul Calibur games’s release approaches.

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