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Serial Cleaner Game Review, a Challenging and Tense Stealth Game


Do you like stealth games? Or do you like games that require you to think creatively? If yes, then you must try the Serial Cleaner game. This game was released in 2019 by Goblinz Studio and has received a lot of praise from critics. In this game, you will act as a hitman who has to clean up the crime scene after committing a murder. You have to be careful not to leave traces because if you are caught, you will be arrested by the police.

This game has unique and challenging gameplay. You must use various tools and materials to clean up the crime scene. You also have to think creatively to avoid police suspicion.

The Serial Cleaner game has an exciting story and is full of mystery. You will be invited to follow the story of an assassin who tries to forget his dark past.

Apart from that, this game also has stunning graphics and a tense soundtrack.

Try the Serial Cleaner game if you are interested in stealth games and think creatively. This game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Serial Cleaner Game Review, a Challenging and Tense Stealth Game

The Cleaners series takes players to the crime era of New York in the 90s, giving them the experience of being a cleaner who has to clean up the crime scenes of a mafia family. 

Building on the success of its predecessor, Serial Cleaners presents players with four unique characters, each with an in-depth story and backstory. Users will explore the dark world of crime while solving various mysteries through intense top-down gameplay. 

Even though it has a cleanliness theme, this game requires strategy and precision in making decisions, creating a challenging but engaging gaming experience.

Art Style and Character Design

One of Serial Cleaners' main strengths is its stunning visual aesthetic. With significant character design and art improvements, the game offers a deep and immersive aesthetic experience. 

The characters are carefully designed, giving players a unique and fascinating feel. Details in crime scene depictions, street art, and characters add depth and realism to the game world. 

Every movement, every expression, and every visual element is designed to create a compelling atmosphere, enriching the gaming experience and supporting players' understanding of the dark world they explore.

Unique Story and Character Background

In Serial Cleaners, the uniqueness lies in conveying an in-depth story through rich character backgrounds. Through each selectable character, players will understand their motivations, ambitions, and struggles in the harsh world of New York crime. 

Each character provides a different perspective on the main story, enriching the plot and making the game experience more complex. 

Well-summarized character backgrounds provide context and invite players to feel empathy for the journeys and decisions made by these characters, making the playing experience more in-depth and meaningful.

Character Specializations and Skills

The Cleaners series highlights each character's unique specializations and skills, changing the player's approach to completing each mission. 

From the hacking expert Viper to the highly agile and mobile Lati, players can adapt their playing style according to the abilities of the chosen character. 

This uniqueness in specialization adds variety to the gameplay and encourages players to think tactically and create effective strategies to complete each challenge. 

Combining character skills and clever level design creates a dynamic gaming experience and ensures that Serial Cleaners always feel more varied.

Challenges in the Game

One of the main attractions of Serial Cleaners is the balanced level of difficulty and challenges it presents to players. 

Although this game demands ingenuity and skill, the level design is cleverly structured so players feel encouraged to think creatively to find solutions without feeling frustrated. 

A selection of characters with different abilities provides tactical variety, and players face situations requiring quick and precise decisions, making each mission a thrilling experience.

Graphic Quality and Game Aesthetics

Serial Cleaners spoils players' eyes with stunning graphic quality and game aesthetics that feel alive. The fine details in each scene and thoughtful art design create a game world that seems incredibly real.

Combining street art and other visual elements creates a stunning visual experience. Intricate and atmospheric level designs that align well with the story keep players wholly engaged in the dark world of Serial Cleaners.

The Influence of Music on Game Atmosphere

The music in Serial Cleaners is essential in creating the right atmosphere. With deep, emotionally evocative melodies, players feel more connected to the story and characters. 

The music is arranged in such a way as to accompany critical moments in the game, adding intensity when situations get tense and giving emotional depth to moving moments. 

Along with the attractive graphics and gameplay, the music in Serial Cleaners elevates the gaming experience into a harmonious work of art.

Evaluate Price and Play Duration

Even though the price of Serial Cleaners is relatively high, the extended play time and satisfying gaming experience make it worth it. Players get more value in this game with the diversity of characters and challenges presented.

The intense gaming experience and intriguing story mystery ensure that players will be engaged in this game for a long time, making it a good investment for lovers of games with deep stories and challenging gameplay.

Performance Comparison on Different Platforms

One of the advantages of Serial Cleaners is its ability to provide a consistent gaming experience across multiple platforms. Users can enjoy impressive graphics and responsive gameplay, whether played on a gaming console or PC.

The optimized design for various devices ensures that Serial Cleaners provides the best performance, regardless of the platform the player is using. This gives players the freedom to choose the platform according to their preferences without the fear of compromising the quality of the game.


In conclusion, Serial Cleaners is a work of digital art that successfully combines a deep story, stunning visual design, and challenging gameplay. 

Even though it has a slightly high price, the value provided by the gaming experience is well worth it. For lovers of complex crime stories and engaging tactical challenges, Serial Cleaners is a highly recommended choice.

The diversity of characters, clever level design, and profound musical impact create an unforgettable gaming experience. Serial Cleaners is not just a game but a work of art that evokes emotions and captivates the player's senses. 

Thus, this game provides added value to the gaming industry and enriches the gaming experience of its players. For those looking for an immersive gaming experience, Serial Cleaners is a journey to take players through the dark underworld of New York crime in a way they've never experienced before.


1. Are Serial Cleaners suitable for players unfamiliar with the action game genre?

Serial Cleaners provides a good tutorial and options for difficulty adjustment, making it suitable for even beginner players.

2. Can Serial Cleaners be played in multiplayer?

Currently, Serial Cleaners focuses on a solo play experience and does not have a multiplayer mode.

3. How long will it take to complete this game?

Serial Cleaner's game duration ranges from around 8-10 hours, depending on the difficulty level and speed of the player.

4. Are Serial Cleaners available on platforms other than PC and consoles?

Currently, Serial Cleaners is available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. There has been no official announcement regarding other platforms.

5. Does Serial Cleaners support controllers?

Serial Cleaners supports controllers on all its platforms, allowing players to choose between a controller or keyboard/mouse according to their preferences.

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