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Eternights, an action RPG game that will make you fall in love or fall in love? - Are you a fan of RPG games? If yes, you must have heard about Eternights, the newest RPG game from Studio PSI, released on September 12, 2023.Eternights is an action RPG game with unique time management elements. In this game, you will act as one of five characters fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Eternights has exciting and challenging gameplay. It would help if you used various weapons and abilities to defeat enemies. You also have to manage your time well to complete missions and build relationships with other characters.

If you are looking for a unique and challenging RPG game, then Eternights is suitable for you. This game has an interesting story, exciting gameplay, and stunning graphics.

Come on, read the Eternights review to learn more about this game!

Story and Characters

In the Eternights game, players enter the world of dating sim and hack-and-slash combined with wibu solid elements. Even though the background is in Korea, the characters use Japanese names and language. 

Players take on the role of an eternally single person who, after playing in the world of online dating looking for a girlfriend, is suddenly involved in a disaster caused by an anti-aging drug called Ether Next. 

This disaster turns people into monsters, taking players from zero to hero. 

This story feels like a classic harem anime, with cute female characters, especially Yoona, an idol with technological abilities and extraordinary beauty. 

Even though the plot is typical, the way the story is told and the game mechanics mimic the Persona style to keep the gaming experience enjoyable.

Personal Link and Calendar

One of the things that makes Eternights stand out is implementing a Personal Link system and deadline calendar similar to the Persona series. Players must use their morning and evening hours wisely to build social relationships with other characters and improve their abilities. 

Apart from that, there are also exploration elements in trains and dungeons. This exploration feels dynamic even though it is sometimes confusing with unique puzzles and several levels of conflict. 

In addition, the game offers engaging and exciting mini-games, including dance machines and practicing with other characters. Even though the combat in this game is simple with time-based dodge and attack elements, it is suitable for Wibu fans who want a light and entertaining gaming experience.

The price of around 250 makes it a good choice for those looking for a game with an immersive anime atmosphere.

Area Exploration

Exploration in Eternights is divided into two main parts: trains and dungeons. Trains are used to improve social relationships and character status, while dungeons are a place to fight bosses. 

While most exploration feels like it progresses linearly, some areas introduce unique puzzles that require solving before the player can continue. 

While repeating it can feel monotonous, area exploration gives a dynamic feel that's quite enjoyable, especially with the addition of puzzle elements.

Graphics and Character Design

Eternights' graphics match the anime aesthetic perfectly, with cute and adorable character designs. The monsters in the game have unique and creative designs, making it different from other hack-and-slash games. 

Well-designed characters and immersive art connect players to the story and its characters. In addition, character models that are similar to features in games such as Hollow Life add to the visual appeal of this game, especially for fans of games with life simulation elements.

Music and Voice Acting

Even though the music in Eternights tends to be monotonous, with the Confident rank music sounding too uniform, the character's voice acting is very impressive. 

Using Korean gives a more authentic impression and blends into the game's atmosphere. Well-chosen character voices make players feel connected to each character's emotions and personality, adding depth to the gaming experience.

Combat System

The combat system in Eternights is simple, combining elements such as dodging and attacking at the right time. The players must utilize the given time window to attack the enemy wisely. 

Even though it is repetitive, this combat is suitable for players looking for a playing experience that is not too complicated and is still entertaining. Mini-games such as dance machines and practicing with other characters also provide variety and enrich the playing experience.


Overall, Eternights is an excellent choice for anime fans and weebs looking for a game with an immersive story, adorable character designs, and light gameplay. 

Even though it has several shortcomings, such as the repetitive battle system, the existence of mini-games and other elements still entertain the playing experience. With an affordable price, this game provides added value for fans of this genre.

Advantages and disadvantages

Eternights stands out with its heart-tugging character designs and engaging story. Each character in this game is thoughtfully designed, has stunning detail, and a visual style that powerfully depicts anime elements. 

From appearance to personality, each character has a unique charm, making players feel connected to the world of this game. 

In addition, the entertaining story takes players on an emotional adventure, building relationships with other characters and experiencing the twists and turns of a well-crafted story. 

A deep Personal Link system enriches this experience, allowing players to experience the depth of social connections in the game, adding a deep emotional dimension.

On the other hand, although Eternights offers an immersive gaming experience, several aspects are less satisfying. 

A combat system that is too repetitive can reduce the game's appeal for some players due to the lack of variety in combat actions. 

Additionally, while there are elements of puzzle and challenge in area exploration, some players felt that the exploration experience felt monotonous at some points, especially when completing similar missions repeatedly. 

However, the advantages of character design and a strong story are still the main attraction of Eternights for many anime game fans.

Recommendations and Prices

For anime fans and weebs, Eternights is a choice worth trying. For around 250, this game provides a reasonably entertaining and satisfying gaming experience. 

Even though it has some flaws, the presence of mini-games, an entertaining story, and attractive character designs make it worth trying for fans of the genre.

With all its uniqueness and advantages, Eternights is a game suitable for those looking for a light and entertaining gaming experience in the world of anime and Wibu. 

With an entertaining story, cute character designs, and exciting gameplay, this game meets the expectations of fans of the genre. For anime fans, Eternights is a gaming experience worth exploring.

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