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10 Latest Children's Educational Offline Android Games that are Exciting and Educative

Hello, Moms and Dads! In today's digital era, gadgets have become essential to everyday life, including for children. This raises concerns for some parents because gadgets can be an imperfect tool for children's development if they are not used wisely. However, did you know gadgets can also be a fun and effective educational tool for children? Yes, there are many offline educational Android games for children that you can download and install on your child's smartphone or tablet.

This article will discuss the ten newest offline educational Android games for children that you can consider downloading. Come on, check out the review!

10 Latest Children's Educational Offline Android Games that are Exciting and Educative

Nova Hair Salon

Nova Hair Salon is a creative game created by Touchten, an award-winning game studio. This game allows children to explore their imagination to design various character appearances. 

They can choose and customize a character with various accessories such as makeup, face paint, hair tools, and beards. Stations in this salon allow kids to cut, trim, shave, and even regrow hair as desired. 

There is also the option to dye your hair in various colors. Additionally, a photo booth feature allows kids to save pictures of their characters and reuse them in the future. 

Nova Hair Salon is a creative experience that allows children to explore the world of the salon in a fun and educational way.

This game is also equipped with a shop feature, where children can buy various types of makeup in every color and other complementary accessories. 

With over 100 styles to try, kids can customize their character's appearance to their liking. 

Nova Hair Salon is a game and a creative tool that helps develop children's imagination. 

They can create various characters with unique appearances, making this game ideal for parents who want to provide an educational and entertaining gaming experience for their children.

Toca Life Series

Toca Life Series is a series of game applications designed to present children with a creative and educational world. In Toca Life, kids can create and live out stories in various locations, including cities, vacations, offices, and hospitals. 

This application combines various locations and characters in one giant game world. Kids can create stories with their favorite characters in any place they want. 

They can explore a vibrant city area with eight different locations, purchasing new locations and characters with over 100 locations, 500 characters, and 500 pets available for purchase.

One of the exciting features of the Toca Life Series is the weekly prizes, which make the playing experience even more exciting. Kids don't have to make purchases at the store to get new items because they can get a surprise gift every week. 

This app allows children to use their imagination to create stories and explore diverse worlds. 

With many locations, characters, and pets to explore, the Toca Life Series provides an endless and educational play experience for children who want to develop their creativity and imagination in a virtual world.

Children's Mathematics

Kids Mathematics is an educational application and game specially designed to help children learn mathematics in a fun way. 

In this game, children are invited to understand the concepts of numbers, addition, and subtraction through several well-designed puzzles. One of the exciting features of Kids Math is children's ability to construct, count, and compare different groups of items. 

With this game, children can gain a deep understanding of mathematics in an interactive and fun way. There are also minigamesmini-games where children can create their math problems, engaging them in an active learning process.

In addition to teaching basic math concepts, Kids Math also sharpens children's problem-solving skills through challenging puzzles. 

They are invited to match, compare, and order objects, developing their cognitive skills. 

With a child-friendly and colorful interface, this app provides a fun and interactive learning experience for children, helping them gain a solid foundation in mathematics while remaining entertained.

Baby Games

Baby Games is a collection of educational games designed for toddlers and preschoolers. One of the exciting features of this application is Baby Piano, where children can play on a piano specially designed for them. 

In this mode, they can play notes and match them to cute animal pictures, introducing them to the world of music in a fun way. 

In addition, various mini-games and other educational activities are designed to maintain children's interest and concentration.

Baby Games also includes a piping balloon game that teaches children first words through fun interactions. A music-learning mode also introduces them to various musical instruments and tunes. 

This app is designed with a lively and easy-to-use interface for children aged 6 to 12 months. 

In addition to providing interactive entertainment, Baby Games also helps children develop their observation, memory, and fine motor skills, helping them grow and learn in a fun and educational way.

Coloring Game

Coloring Game is a coloring and painting application specially designed for children. This app offers a fun and creative digital art experience, allowing children to explore their creativity through various drawing tools and colors. 

In this application, there are several modes that the whole family can enjoy. Paint by numbers mode allows kids to build pictures by following number prompts corresponding to given colors, teaching them coordination and number recognition skills.

There is also a doodling mode and a free coloring book that offers blank drawings for kids to fill in with color.

 The app also includes a variety of coloring minigamesmini-games, including tap paint to fill coloring book pages with bright and fun colors.

Kids can use glitter pencils, crayons, and cute patterns to add detail and beauty to their drawings. 

With Coloring Games, children can develop their artistic skills, explore their imagination, and express themselves through digital art, making it an ideal application for honing children's creative talents.

Play-Doh Season 2

Play-Doh Season 2 is a creative game that introduces children to the world of shapes and creation. Children can make various shapes and objects using colorful Play-Doh dough in this game. 

They can easily shape, roll, and create various works of art. Play-Doh Season 2 offers a variety of creative tools and accessories, such as shape molds, cutting tools, and different Play-Doh colors that allow children to create a variety of unique and exciting works of art.

One of the exciting features of Play-Doh Season 2 is the minigamesmini-games mode, which invites children to face creative challenges. They can try various missions and tasks involving shapes, colors, and creation. 

In this mode, children are encouraged to think creatively and find solutions to each challenge, helping them develop problem-solving skills and imagination. 

The game also supports social interaction, as children can share their artwork with friends and family through the work-sharing feature. Play-Doh Season 2 is a game that inspires creativity and innovation, providing children an educational and entertaining play experience.

Piano Kids

Piano Kids is a fun and interactive music-learning app for children. 

With a bright and colorful interface, this application invites children to learn musical instruments through various exciting game modes. 

One of the main features of this app is the musical instrument mode, where children can choose musical instruments such as piano, electric guitar, xylophone, saxophone, drums, percussion, flute, harp, and pan flute. 

In this mode, they can play various songs and get to know the unique sounds of each instrument.

Apart from that, Piano Kids also has a song mode, where kids can learn and play beautiful songs by following instructions. 

Sound mode allows them to listen to and identify various sounds, developing their musical hearing. 

This app also has a gameplay mode, where kids can play games while learning music. Piano Kids teaches musical skills and helps improve children's concentration, memory, and motor skills. 

With fun and educational interactions, Piano Kids is the ideal music learning tool for children who want to explore the world of music in an educational and fun way.

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is an interactive application that invites children to become creative chefs in a virtual kitchen. Children can cook various dishes using various ingredients and kitchen tools in this game. 

They can cook, bake, or cook vegetables, meat, and other items according to their preferences and imagination.

 This app teaches children about various food ingredients and cooking techniques in an interactive and fun way.

One of the exciting features of Toca Kitchen 2 is the freedom of experimentation it gives children. They can mix ingredients in various ways and see the results. 

For example, they can try grilling fish or making a fruit smoothie with their chosen ingredients. Apart from cooking, this application also allows children to feed the characters in the game.

Children can observe the characters' reactions to the food they are given, helping them understand food preferences and needs.

In Toca Kitchen 2, children are invited to innovate by creating new dishes and seeing the characters' reactions to their culinary experiments. 

This application allows children to think creatively, hone cooking skills, and understand basic concepts about food and cooking.

With bright graphics and an easy-to-use interface, Toca Kitchen 2 is an excellent app for kids who want to explore the culinary world in a fun and educational atmosphere.

Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World is an adventure game that invites children to manage train tracks and carry passengers and cargo to their destinations. 

In this game, kids can design train tracks, organize crossings, and ensure trains run smoothly and safely. 

They can choose from various train types and travel routes, creating a dynamic and varied gaming experience.

One of the exciting features of Train Conductor World is the weather challenges. Children may encounter weather conditions like rain, fog, or storms. 

They have to think quickly and make the right decisions to ensure the safety of passengers and cargo. Children are invited to develop time management, planning, and coordination skills in this game. 

They can also explore exciting locations and traverse beautiful landscapes, providing an immersive adventure.

Train Conductor World also offers a multiplayer mode, where kids can collaborate with their friends in managing a train track or even compete to see who can handle a train situation best. 

With stunning graphics and challenging gameplay, Train Conductor World provides an educational and thrilling gaming experience, helping kids develop their management and teamwork skills in an adventurous setting.

Kids Puzzle

Kids Puzzle is a puzzle application designed to hone children's logic and problem-solving skills. 

Kids can try different puzzles in this game, from matching shapes to solving complex jigsaw puzzles. This application invites children to think critically and solve every challenge creatively.

One of the unique features of Kids Puzzle is the diversity of puzzles offered. Kids can choose puzzles that suit their interests and difficulty level. 

Matching puzzles help improve shape and color recognition skills, while jigsaw puzzles help develop problem-solving and visual concentration skills. Children can also feel satisfaction when they complete a complex puzzle, helping to build their self-confidence.

In Kids Puzzle, there is also a story mode that invites children to follow the adventures of cute characters while solving various exciting puzzles.

The app also supports the development of children's fine motor skills, as they have to move and assemble puzzle pieces with precision.

With a child-friendly interface and attractive design, Kids Puzzle is an ideal learning tool to help children hone their problem-solving and logic skills while having fun.


In today's technological era, educational game apps for children are the perfect solution to combine learning and entertainment. 

From Nova Hair Salon, which introduces the concept of creativity in dressing up, to Kids Puzzle, which hones logic and problem-solving skills, these applications provide a fun gaming experience and support children's intellectual and social development. 

With a wide selection of games designed with child-friendly interfaces, children can learn interactively while having fun developing skills that will help them in everyday life.

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