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9 Best PC Games for Kids that You Must Try

Children today are increasingly familiar with technology, including games. PC games are one of children's favorite choices to fill their free time. 

Apart from being fun, PC games can also help children develop various skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and cooperation.

However, not all PC games are suitable for children. Some games contain elements of violence or content that is not appropriate for children's ages. Therefore, it is essential to choose cooperative PC games for kids.

This article will discuss the nine best PC games you must try for kids. These games have good ratings and are recommended by experts.

Come on, take a look at the list! 9 Best PC Games for Kids that You Must Try

Fox: A Colorful 3D Platformer

Fox is a stunning 3D platformer game with the main characters, Red and Blue, two dogs connected by an elastic body. On their journey through this colorful world, players will be treated to fun adventures involving food, sleep, and play. 

What's unique about Fox is the player's ability to control both dogs with a single controller in local and online solo and cooperative play modes.

This game provides a fun and laughing experience for children. Its bright graphics and adorable animations make Fox a perfect choice for beginners and young gamers to explore the world of gaming.

Among Us: The Imposter Game

Among Us is an online multiplayer phenomenon that tests players' intelligence and diplomatic skills. 

In this game, players take on the role of members of a spaceship crew who must find out which of them is an impostor in disguise. Communication and cooperation between players are essential, while fraudsters must be clever at hiding their identities. 

The game's fun lies in the battle of minds between the crew trying to complete the task and the impostor trying to sneak in to kill the crew members.

With its unique social dynamics, Among Us entertains and trains players to understand human psychology, making it a trendy game for children and adults.

Planet Zoo: Conservation and Fun

Planet Zoo is a fascinating animal simulation game focusing on conservation and education. 

In this game, players are responsible for building and managing their zoo, caring for the animals' happiness and visitors' satisfaction. 

Apart from creating a suitable habitat and filling the zoo with exciting animals, players must also pay attention to small details such as the type of flora in the animal cages. 

By combining entertainment and learning about wildlife conservation, Planet Zoo teaches players, especially children, about preserving biodiversity while providing an educational play experience.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: A Nostalgic Journey

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is an updated retro experience with stunning graphics. This game invites players to relive the classic adventures of Spyro the Dragon in a more modern format. 

By guiding this cute purple dragon through various challenges, players can reminisce and introduce this iconic character to a new generation. 

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is not just a game but a window in time that reopens precious memories, making it the perfect experience for families who want to share the joy of gaming while getting a warm touch of nostalgia.

Minecraft Dungeons: Blocky Adventure

Minecraft Dungeons is a fun adventure experience with iconic Minecraft-style graphics. In this game, players explore various biomes, fight bosses, and collect treasures at each level. 

This game will not only appeal to Minecraft fans, but it will also introduce new players to the world of dungeon crawler adventures. 

With easy-to-understand controls and adjustable difficulty levels, Minecraft Dungeons provides a fun gaming experience for kids while teaching them about teamwork and strategy in battle.

Worm's Rumble: Fast-paced Worm Battles

Worm's Rumble brings the excitement of fast-paced combat with a humorous twist from lovable worm characters. In this game, players can feel the sensation of fighting with 32 players in real time. 

Even though it's fast-paced, this game still maintains the essence of the previously popular Worms series. Players can choose from various distinctive weapons and explore strategies to defeat opponents.

With a game mode that supports both challenge and tactical intelligence, Worm's Rumble is a fun way to introduce kids to the world of competition while strengthening their team-playing skills.

Moving Out: Packing Fun for Everyone

Moving Out is a game that teaches the importance of cooperation and coordination. In this game, players must work together with other players to load furniture into a moving truck as quickly as possible. 

This task tests the team's communication and planning skills, while the puzzle of the shape of the items going into the truck adds a layer of difficulty. 

Despite chaos and obstacles, players learn the meaning of cooperation, managing stress, and solving problems together. 

Moving Out is an entertaining and educational experience for children, teaching them valuable lessons about teamwork in real situations.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a unique game that combines the excitement of competition with the simplicity of gameplay. Players control jelly bean characters who compete in various creative challenges in this game. 

The player's success depends on strategy, skill, and fate. Even though it looks simple, Fall Guys teaches players about mental toughness, tactical skills, and how to face failure with a spirit of sportsmanship. 

With bright graphics and innovative level design, Fall Guys is a fun and educational game, giving kids a deep, immersive gaming experience while honing their social skills.

Biped: Joyful Co-op Robot Adventure

Biped is a fun, cooperative multiplayer game with entertaining robotic elements. In this game, players control two robots, Accu and Stealer, who require coordination and communication to solve the puzzles and challenges at each level. 

Using a controller mouse and keyboard to move the robot increases difficulty and supports teamwork. 

Bipeds provide a fun play experience and teach children about the importance of cooperation, communication skills, and how to work together to achieve a common goal. 

With its bright graphic design and cheerful atmosphere, Biped is the perfect game for spending time with friends or family while developing valuable interpersonal skills in children.


In the world of PC games for kids, various options combine entertainment, education, and immersive gaming experiences. 

Each title has its charm, from adventures in the colorful world of Fox to the thrill of survival in Among Us and from conservation lessons in Planet Zoo to the excitement of combat in Worm's Rumble. 

Meanwhile, Minecraft Dungeons provides a fun experience in the familiar world of Minecraft, while Kill It with Fire offers a fun way to overcome fears and build motor skills. 

Moving Out teaches the importance of teamwork in real situations, Fall Guys hones competitive skills, and Biped teaches valuable lessons about cooperation and communication. 

These options allow children to explore imaginative worlds while gaining valuable educational benefits.


1. Are Fox games suitable for children of different age ranges?

Yes, Fox is designed to be enjoyed by children of various age groups, allowing younger and older players to play together in a simultaneous gaming experience.

2. How to ensure success in playing Among Us?

Effective communication with other crew members is critical to success in Among Us. Sharing information and building trust with other players are essential skills in identifying cheaters.

3. Does Planet Zoo provide an in-depth understanding of animal conservation?

Yes, Planet Zoo provides in-depth insight into animal conservation. Players must pay attention to the happiness of the animals and the education of visitors, introducing the concept of conservation throughout.

4. What makes Fall Guys unique compared to other competitive games?

Fall Guys combines the excitement of competition with simple gameplay, providing a unique experience where strategy and survival skills are in perfect balance.

5. How does Biped improve teamwork among its players?

Biped encourages players to work together well through challenges that require effective coordination and communication. Players must synergize to solve puzzles and achieve common goals, strengthening teamwork skills.

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