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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Better than the Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best-selling games of all time. This game was released in 2020 and received praise from critics and fans. The sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has been released on September 30, 2023.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the story of Cloud Strife and his friends as they continue their journey to stop Sephiroth. This game offers better graphics, more in-depth gameplay, and a more complex story.

If you liked Final Fantasy VII Remake, you'll love Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This game is an excellent sequel that will blow your mind.

Please read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review to learn more about the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Preview Overview

In the Hands-on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth preview, viewers are presented with an engaging and impressive experience. 

In the video, Theo expresses his gratitude to Square Enix and the Tokyo Game Show for the opportunity to try this game firsthand. 

He detailed that the video discusses two missions from the game: Fed Mony Bell, which features a flashback to when the player's character unites with Safy Road, and The Open WS of Junon when the player heads to Junon to face Shra's Headquarters. 

Even though this is still a preview version, Theo shows an exciting experience without discussing bugs or glitches because this is not the final product. 

He also provided insight into the exciting changes, including better UI features and redesigned tutorials.

Comparison of Graphics and UI with the Original Version

In the preview content, Theo also describes the graphic and user interface (UI) changes that occur in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. 

He explains how the rebirth version maintains the essence and beauty of the original graphics while delivering stunning updates, especially when running on a PC with ultra graphics. 

In the rebirth version, characters and environments are presented in stunning high resolution, providing a much more engaging visual experience. 

They also noted that the changes in the UI, especially in the menu display and interaction with enemies, give the game a fresh touch and increase the playing comfort for players.

New Features in Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth brings various new features to the gameplay that make the playing experience even more immersive. In the preview video, Theo shows several significant changes in the battle mechanism. 

For example, the character Cloud has a slightly different fighting style from previous games, with continuous attacks and the ability to attack enemies from a distance using an attack technique similar to a lousy beam. 

This new feature gives players more strategy in dealing with certain enemies.

Exploration and Interaction with the Environment

Exploration in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has also undergone significant changes. With the introduction of the new traverser, kokobo, players now have access to a broader and more open world.

This traversal mechanic not only allows players to travel quickly but also allows them to discover hidden secrets and search for items through interactions with the surrounding environment. 

They also highlighted areas of interest that provide players with surprise missions and rare enemies, adding challenge and excitement to their journey in this game world.

New Characters and Fighting Mechanics

In this preview, Theo introduces new characters like Ronda and discusses unique battle mechanics. 

One of the interesting points is the player's ability to scan monsters, which gives them insight into the enemy's weaknesses and the best strategies for defeating them.

In addition, the skills and abilities synergy feature adds a layer of strategy to combat, allowing players to create powerful attack combinations with different characters. 

With this improvement, the battles in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth become more dynamic and challenging.

Synergy of Skills and Abilities

One of the features that steals attention in this preview is the synergy of skills and abilities. With this feature, players can combine the abilities and skills of various characters in the team, creating very effective and spectacular attacks. 

This allows players to develop their combat strategies and experience the full power of inter-character collaboration. 

Theo highlights the uniqueness of each character in the game, ensuring that players have plenty of options to optimize their team's abilities in each battle.

Open World Features

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes a big step into the world of open-world gaming. In this preview video, Theo shows how this game world does not only consist of cities and villages but also large open areas full of adventure. 

Introducing kokobos as a means of transportation gives players the freedom to explore new territories, discover hidden secrets, and face new challenges. 

The concept of dynamic change of time from morning to night adds an element of realism to the game, creating a lively atmosphere that changes over time.

Uniqueness and Challenges in Missions

In this section, Theo explains that the missions in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth do not only rely on fighting against strong enemies. 

These missions include various and unique challenges in the form of puzzles, hidden exploration, and interactions with NPCs. For example, the mission to defeat the boss under Junon introduces the player to a variety of new mechanics, including an Aircell mechanism that must be destroyed before the player can be free from the water's hold. 

This adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, ensuring that players will have to think of smart strategies and tactics to complete the missions successfully.

New Features Beyond Combat

Outside of combat, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also presents several new features that add to the excitement of the game. Party presets are a feature that makes managing team members easier and more efficient. 

Players can change their party members automatically outside combat, eliminating the hassle of opening a menu to change characters. They also discussed the gathering materials mechanism, which allows players to collect materials to make accessories or armor. 

This adds a crafting element to the game, allowing players to upgrade their weaponry and equipment in unique and interesting ways.

Expectations and Conclusions from the FFVII Rebirth Preview

This article would only be complete by reviewing the expectations and conclusions that can be drawn from the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth preview. Based on Theo's experience, this game promises to be a deep and satisfying experience for fans of the Final Fantasy series. 

From stunning graphics to innovative gameplay features, Rebirth looks set to tempt players with a rich and adventurous game world. Theo highlighted the presence of new characters, unique challenges, and freedom of exploration in the open world. 

High expectations are placed on this game, and fans of the series can't wait for the opportunity to explore the epic world that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises.

As such, this article provides a detailed look at the preview experience of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, bringing readers closer to the world they will explore at the game's launch.

With the elements outlined, players can understand what to expect from the game and anticipate the incredible adventure that awaits them.


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