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The Crew Motorfest, Game Balapan yang Mirip Forza Horizon 5

Hello, motorbike racing game lovers! Are you looking for a fun and exciting motorbike racing game? If yes, then you must try the game The Crew Motorfest. This game is the latest in the series of The Crew games, which will be released in 2023.

The Crew Motorfest offers a motorbike racing game experience that is exciting and different from other motorbike racing games. 

This game has an open-world concept that allows you to explore a vast open world. You can also choose a variety of motorbikes from various brands and models to use in racing.

If you want a fun and exciting motorbike racing game, then The Crew Motorfest is the right choice. This game offers a motorbike racing experience that differs from other motorbike racing games.

For more details, let's review The Crew Motorfest's following review.

The Crew Motorfest is a title that attracts the attention of racing game lovers. This game is the successor to The Crew but with a different touch. We'll explore the game in-depth, highlighting its many exciting aspects. 

In this article, we'll cover the gameplay, graphics, quirks, and some downsides to be aware of. 

Additionally, we will discuss the positive impacts that PlayStation console owners who do not have access to Forza Horizon may experience. Let's start with the first discussion.

Basic Concept of The Crew Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest is a racing game highly anticipated by fans of this genre. Even though it uses The Crew IP, this game appears with a slightly different name, so questions arise about its relationship to the previous series. 

The Crew Motorfest takes players to a new location, namely Hawaii, which is a significant change from the vast landscape of the United States in the previous series.

Previously, the main attraction of The Crew was the player's ability to explore the vast country using various modes of transportation. Unfortunately, the more limited locations in this game make it feel much smaller, although it still offers attractive tropical beauty.

Graphics and Comparison with The Crew 2

The graphics in The Crew Motorfest have experienced significant improvements compared to The Crew 2. 

Although the locations are more limited, the graphics are much better, and the details are richer. The reduced size of the map allowed the developers to pay more attention to every detail visible in the visuals. 

The scenery in Hawaii, especially the beaches, is the main attraction in this game, with impressive textures and lighting.

Gameplay and Racing Experience

While The Crew Motorfest still has the same arcade feel as its predecessor, vehicle handling feels closer to Forza Horizon than previous versions. 

Depending on the player's preferences, this can be a good or bad sign. Some may feel that the game is too close to a simulation style, while others may like it because it makes each vehicle have a unique character.

This more realistic handling system can help players feel the differences between different cars.

Variety of Vehicles in the Game

One of the main attractions of The Crew Motorfest is the variety of vehicles that can be used. You can explore the game world with cars, boats, planes, ATVs, and dirt bikes. 

This provides an entertaining variety of options and allows players to switch between vehicles easily, adding flexibility to the game.

Hawaiian Uniqueness and Gaming Environment

The location of Hawaii, which is the primary setting in The Crew Motorfest, is one of the unique points of this game. The developers have succeeded in capturing the beauty of this tropical island well. The diverse landscapes and environments, from beaches to mountains, provide an engaging experience for players. The best part is the player's ability to easily switch between vehicles and explore all corners of the island.

Frustrating Game Mechanics

Although The Crew Motorfest offers a lot of exciting content and activities, some game mechanics can cause frustration. 

One is playlist locking, which forces players to use certain vehicles in certain events. This reduces the sense of freedom and personalization found in previous games. 

In addition, some challenges that need to provide clear location instructions can make players feel difficult and frustrated.

Multiplayer Experience

The Crew Motorfest has the potential to be even more fun when played with friends. Playing in teams to pursue challenges or discover hard-to-access locations can add to the fun and interaction in this game.

Multiplayer experiences allow players to collaborate and compete more personally, which may make the gaming experience more dynamic and engaging.

Additional Content and Future Development

Despite launching with an impressive range of content, players may be interested to know if there are plans for additional content or game updates. 

The Crew Motorfest developers may have an excellent opportunity to expand the game by adding new locations, vehicles, and challenges that could give players a reason to stay engaged for a long time.


The Crew Motorfest, despite some flaws, still offers a deep and entertaining gaming experience for fans of racing games.

With various vehicles, a unique Hawaiian environment, and the potential to play with friends, this game provides players with plenty of options. 

While some game mechanics may cause frustration, the overall experience of exploring this tropical island is quite engaging. For fans of this genre,  The Crew Motorfest is worth trying for a different and challenging racing experience.


1. How is The Crew Motorfest different from other racing games?

Answer: The Crew Motorfest is unique because it combines arcade racing gameplay with the experience of exploring the tropical islands of Hawaii. Compared to other racing games, you can not only race but also explore beautiful beaches, mountains, and tropical forests with various types of vehicles.

2. How Many Vehicles Can Be Used in The Crew Motorfest?

Answer: The Crew Motorfest offers a variety of vehicles ranging from cars, boats, planes, and ATVs to dirt bikes. There are hundreds of cars you can choose from, each with its unique features. That way, players have abundant options for exploring the game world.

3. How to Play Multiplayer at The Crew Motorfest?

Answer: To play multiplayer at The Crew Motorfest, you can invite your friends to join a team to complete challenges or explore the Hawaiian islands together. Multiplayer mode allows for intense collaboration and competition, adding to the excitement of the gaming experience.

4. Is The Crew Motorfest Available for Other Consoles Apart from PlayStation?

Answer: The Crew Motorfest is currently available for PlayStation and other platforms such as Xbox and PC. The developers have ensured that players across consoles can easily enjoy the exciting racing experience in Hawaii.

5. Are there any plans to add new content to The Crew Motorfest?

Answer: Yes, the developers of The Crew Motorfest plan to add new content to the game. It includes new location updates, vehicles, and challenges to give players additional reasons to stay engaged in the game. This way, players can continue to look forward to exciting new experiences.

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