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7 Surprising Facts about the Game Under The Waves that You Didn't Know

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to explore the underwater world? The beauty and mystery that exists in it are always attractive to study. If you want to learn more about the underwater world, then you need to read the Under The Waves game review. Under The Waves is a diving simulation game indie studio Unknown Worlds developed. This game was released in 2023 and received much praise from critics.

In this game, you will act as a diver who explores a vast and mysterious underwater world. You will find various kinds of sea creatures, ranging from small fish to large sea animals. You will also face challenges like strong currents and dangerous predators.

If you like games with a marine theme, then Under The Waves is the right choice. This game offers a realistic and challenging diving experience.

To read the full review of Under The Waves, continue reading this article.

Under The Waves Game Background

Under The Waves, the latest work from Quantic Dream takes the gaming experience to a new level by diving into a profoundly emotional world.

This game depicts life on the seabed, with a dark and realistic atmosphere that captivates players. 

With a strong influence from the environment and a heart-touching story, Under The Waves invites us to explore the underwater darkness that is beautiful and triggers deep emotions.

Collaboration with Developers

One of the exciting things about this game is the collaboration between Quantic Dream and independent developers from France, which produces a unique gaming experience.

In a candid interview with the game's co-founder, Ronan, he discusses the inspiration behind the dark and realistic story that Under The Waves is known for. It's a testament to the collaborative efforts between major studios and independent developers that produce stunning and immersive work.

Quantic Dream's Unique Approach and Features

Quantic Dream has taken a different approach in developing Under The Waves by bringing unique features, such as a choice feature that gives players complete control over the story. 

This creates a compelling inner conflict and creates a very immersive gaming experience. These features make a complex narrative, inviting players to reflect on their choices and explore different story branches.

Complex Plot and Narrative

In Under The Waves, the plot is a physical journey under the sea and a complex emotional journey. The story tackles environmental issues and pollution and ponders feelings of loss and family ties. 

The main character, STAN, becomes a window for players to experience the confusion of searching for identity and the fear of losing loved ones. 

 ​​Facing uncertainty and understanding one's vulnerability creates a deep emotional dimension to the game. By incorporating these elements into its plot, Under The Waves is not just another environmental exploration game. 

Instead, it becomes a deep and evocative narrative, forcing players to reflect not only on the underwater world but also on life, relationships, and a sense of empathy for the environment and fellow humans.

Even through the consistency of the character, STAN, players experience a journey of inner conflict and emotional growth. 

His experience of loss and how he interacts with the environment around him illustrates the complex relationship between humans and nature. 

Focusing the story on these aspects, Under The Waves allows players to reflect more deeply on how human actions affect the environment and how human feelings can be related to the natural surroundings. 

It is not only a game that introduces the fantastic world of the sea but also a reflection that forces one to look inside oneself and reflect on the role of humans in maintaining harmony with nature.

Environmental Exploration and Interaction

One of the main strengths of Under The Waves is its ability to let players explore the underwater world without time constraints. Players can interact with the surrounding environment, including fascinating sea creatures while experiencing the impact of oil waste that damages the environment. These interactions give a new dimension to the gaming experience, combining exploration elements with an awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

Crafting Mechanics and Upgrades

Under The Waves features simple but effective crafting mechanics, allowing players to focus on exploration and story rather than spending excessive time on the inventory. 

Upgrades such as increased oxygen capacity and views provide a personal touch to the gaming experience, allowing players to adapt the game to suit their playing style without burdening them with excessive complexity.

Activities in the Underwater Building

Although the game offers an engaging exploration under the sea, some players may find that the activities inside the underwater building feel monotonous, with repetitive tasks. 

However, this is accompanied by a tense atmosphere, creating a tense atmosphere that supports the game's story. Even though several aspects could be improved, the fantastic experience under the sea still attracts players.

Speed ​​and Control in Games

Under The Waves does offer a slow playing experience, creating a calm atmosphere and inviting players to ponder each scene carefully. 

However, the in-game controls sometimes feel unresponsive, especially when switching between swimming and standing. While this may be partly intentional to increase immersion, some players may find this annoying, especially when traveling back and forth in the vast underwater environment.

Underwater Visuals and Atmosphere

The visuals of this game may not be as bright as other sea exploration games, but this is in line with the dark theme that Quantic Dream wants to convey. Even though some areas feel empty, the picture of the underwater darkness and the creatures inhabiting it is awe-inspiring.

The music and sound effects support it well, creating a tense and gripping atmosphere, giving players an immersive and immersive experience.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Under The Waves is an extraordinary narrative and exploration game achievement. While it has some drawbacks, such as less responsive controls and some activity repetition, the game offers a deep and immersive experience. 

With a complex plot, deep environmental interactions, and a gripping atmosphere, Under The Waves is worth checking out for story fans who want to experience a deep emotional journey at the bottom of the sea. 

At a reasonable price, this game is an excellent choice for those who appreciate deep narratives and engaging exploration. As a blogger and professional gamer, I highly recommend Under The Waves to anyone looking for a meaningful and emotional gaming experience.

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