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Forspoken: Amazing or Disappointing Open-World Action RPG Game

Are you looking for an exciting and challenging open-world action RPG game? If yes, then Forspoken is the suitable game for you. This game was released on October 11, 2022, and immediately received much praise from critics.

Forspoken tells the story of Frey Holland, a young woman suddenly thrown into Athia's fantasy world. In this new world, Frey must use magical powers to survive and find his way home.

This game offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. You will explore the vast world of Athia, which is full of mystery. You will also fight against various challenging monsters and bosses.

If you like open-world action RPG games with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, Forspoken is a game you must try.

Come on, see the complete Forspoken review in this article!

Forspoken, an open-world action RPG game, is presented by Luminous Productions, the famous developer of Final Fantasy XV. This game invites players to enter the world of isekai, which is full of magic and challenging adventures.

However, among players, Forspoken received mixed responses. Some see great potential in it, while others are skeptical. This article aims to discuss the reasons behind these varying opinions and provide an in-depth look at the experience of playing Forspoken.

Story and Characters

Forspoken tells the story of Frey, a New York resident who is sucked into a magical world called Atia after experiencing a series of tragedies. In this new world, the Frey are demonic creatures with significant challenges. 

However, despite its promising premise, some players felt that Forspoken's story tended to follow cliché patterns and did not bring much innovation to the narrative. 

While unique, the characters in the game sometimes feel flat and lack depth, leaving room for more in-depth character development that could draw the player into the game's world more powerfully.

Dialogue Selection System

One crucial aspect of Forspoken is its dialogue selection system, which influences the story's development. However, players felt this system needed to be expanded and given more freedom in influencing the course of the story. 

Comparable to games like God of War Ragnarok, players are given minimal dialogue options, making the storyline linear. These limitations limit the gaming experience and make players feel less involved in the development of the story, causing some players to feel like they are missing out on essential aspects of the RPG gaming experience.

Graphics and Character Design

In terms of visuals, Forspoken has a world that creates an exciting contrast between the dark and less detailed backgrounds and the magic radiated by the mesmerizing Frey. 

Even so, NPC character designs tend to be flat and not very interesting, especially compared to the main characters. Players feel that the character designs sometimes look standard and less innovative, leaving a visual impression that needs more depth. 

Moreover, some visual elements, such as details on the world map, need to be addressed, creating the impression of design errors that affect players' visual comfort.

Exploration in Games

One aspect that Forspoken misses is the exploration of the game world. Even though it is an open-world game, Atia's world feels empty and monotonous. Players often encounter landscapes limited to rock stretches with very minimal variation. 

While there are some challenges and side missions, the repetitive world design and lack of visual variety make exploring the world less engaging. 

Even exploration in the city does not offer the expected freedom due to the character's limited ability to explore the area. Apart from that, the existing challenges tend to be repetitive and do not provide genuine satisfaction to the player.

Customize and Unlock Skills

Forspoken presents a simple character customization system where players can upgrade Frey's equipment using materials in the surrounding environment.

However, players need help with this process, including limitations in early access and an upgrade process that feels monotonous and sometimes boring. 

Additionally, the ability to unlock new skills needs to be improved by certain constraints and requirements, forcing players to spend more time and effort exploring this game world. 

Although several challenges can be completed to unlock new skills, the repetitive design of these challenges makes the playing experience feel smooth and more dynamic.

Combat Mechanics

One of the bright points of Forspoken is its exciting combat system. Players can control various magic elements such as earth, fire, water, and electricity, bringing variety to the combat experience. 

However, the simplicity of this system may make some players feel bored early in the game when they only have a few magic options. However, as time passes, as more magic is unlocked, this system becomes more complex and challenging.

However, the only partially efficient target lock system is a weak point in combat, leaving some players frustrated and less engaged.

Target Lock Problem

The problem with target lock in Forspoken is one of the aspects that annoys players the most. The inability to lock on to targets quickly and efficiently makes combat feel more relaxed and responsive. 

Players often find themselves unleashing their attacks on the wrong enemy or need help to quickly shift the focus of the fight to a more pressing enemy. 

These shortcomings make the combat experience feel chaotic and less enjoyable, reducing the appeal of the otherwise exciting combat aspects.

Devices that Support Forspoken

Forspoken is a game that requires high performance, especially in graphics and processing. To get an optimal gaming experience, playing it on a device with adequate specifications is recommended. 

The game has been optimized for the latest generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 5, where players can enjoy stunning graphics and fast load times thanks to the console's SSD. 

Apart from that, Forspoken can also be played on PCs with high specifications. A gaming PC with the latest graphics card, fast processor, and large RAM will provide a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.

Conclusion on Gameplay

Overall, Forspoken provides a gaming experience that falls somewhere in the middle; not great, but not bad. 

While it has some interesting aspects, such as a creative combat system, the game needs to be improved by several problems, including repetitive world design and story and character elements limitations. 

While not a total failure, Forspoken hasn't lived up to players' expectations in creating an awe-inspiring open-world experience. In the context of this genre, there is still room for improvements that can make this game reach its true potential.

Potential and Future Hopes

With several aspects that need to be improved, Forspoken still has the potential to grow. Developers can address some issues players have identified with content updates and improvements. 

In the future, fans hope that Luminous Productions listens to feedback from their community, identifies areas for improvement, and proactively makes changes to improve the quality of the game. 

Thus, Forspoken has the opportunity to grow into a title that lives up to players' expectations and achieves the popularity it deserves in this competitive gaming market. 

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